DoC:S | Dr. Cindy M. Howard
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Dr. Cindy M. Howard

Dr. Cindy M. Howard

18309 Distinctive drive
Orland Park, Il 60467

The purpose for DoCS:

“My goal is to provide an outstanding resource and up to date research in nutrition and supplementation for the athlete.”

Dr. Cindy M. Howard, a.k.a. “Dr. Cindy,” developed an interest in sports at a young age, due largely to growing up watching football with her dad. After dancing professionally for many years and competing in powerlifting while attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Dr. Cindy says she “decided to get kicked out of some of the finest office buildings in the City of Chicago wearing high heels rather than gym shoes as an outside sales rep,” mainly because she was taught to ignore their No Solicitation signs.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Cindy went back to school to earn her doctorate in Chiropractic, subsequently earning a Diplomate in Internal Medicine and the Nutrition and a Fellowship in Medical Acupuncture. After working in private practice for 18 years, she teamed up with NeuroSport Elite to treat Pee Wee players, Pro athletes, and “those of us who fall in-between.”

Still wearing high heels, Dr. Cindy travels the country often, educating other health professionals on topics such as Post Concussion Nutrition, Neuroadrenal dysfunction, Common Causes for Fatigue and How to Treat Burnout Naturally and Safely Without Performance Enhancing Drugs, Gut Dysfunction, and a variety of other issues designed to help athletes be their personal best.

While she enjoys her work, Dr. Cindy reinforces that her three kids are her top priority, kids who double as athletes since they play in a variety of sports (football, baseball, wrestling, basketball, and Tae Kwon Do). Dr. Cindy adds that her daughter is working on her third degree black belt, so she considers her as her very own personal body guard. “We are all artists in our own ways as well,” says Dr. Cindy, “so some of our free time goes to being creative.”

A few of Dr. Cindy’s accomplishments include:
• Private Practice Chiropractor (since 1999)
• Director of Functional Nutrition, NeuroSport Elite
• POWERPlay In Sports Executive Board Member
• B.S. in Human Biology and Kinesiology, National University of Health Sciences
• Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine, National University of Health Sciences
• Diplomat in Diagnosis and Internal Disorders, Lincoln-National School of Postgraduate Education
• Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture
• Advanced training in Phytochemical and Botanical Medicine
• Past President of the American Chiropractic Association’s (ACA) Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders
• Northern Illinois Delegate for the ACA
• Functional Medicine University and Integrative Therapeutics Medical Advisory Board Member
• Serves on her local community’s football board
• Serves on her school district’s Concussion Oversight Committee.
• Team Chiropractor for Dreamz Elite competitive cheer
• Travels from Chicago to South Florida each month, taking her closer to clients who are looking to improve their game and their health (and to family!)